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Olink Explore has emerged as a promising innovation in the fields of proteomics and biomarker discovery, offering a sophisticated solution to scientists and researchers dedicated to advancing our understanding of proteins and their roles in disease and drug development. 

At the heart of the Olink Explore platform lies the Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. PEA technology is a sophisticated biochemical process that uniquely combines the specificity of antibodies with the sensitivity and amplification capabilities of PCR. The core mechanism of PEA involves two proximity probes, each consisting of an antibody linked to a unique DNA oligonucleotide. When these probes bind to their target protein, they are brought into close proximity. This proximity allows the DNA oligonucleotides to hybridize, forming a double-stranded DNA molecule that can be extended by a DNA polymerase. Sample multiplexing is enabled by adding unique sample indices during a subsequent PCR step. This process results in the generation of a unique DNA sequence that is directly quantifiable using real-time PCR or Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), translating protein presence into a measurable DNA signal. Using this method the NGS counts are proportional to the protein’s concentration in the sample, enabling its relative quantification.

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How Olink Explore overcomes challenges of traditional proteomics

One of the distinguishing features of PEA technology is its requirement for dual binding, significantly reducing the risk of nonspecific signals and thus enhancing the assay’s specificity. This dual-recognition strategy ensures that only the correct target proteins are detected, minimizing the chances of false positives. Moreover, the amplification step allows for the detection of low abundance proteins, addressing a common challenge in proteomics research-sensitivity.

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More specifically, Olink Explore can accelerate proteomics research by offering:

Olink Explore 384/3072

Being focused in the development of new, updated and useful products, Olink has developed a range of platforms that differ in terms of purpose of use. 

One of the first high throughput and cost efficient platforms that Olink developed is the Olink Explore 3072.

Olink Explore 3072 is a protein biomarker discovery platform that achieves a high level of multiplexing while maintaining exceptional data quality thanks to the  Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology.

This platform enables exceptional immunoassay multiplexing by simultaneously
measuring up to nearly 3000 proteins per sample while using only 6 μl of sample. The sample can be serum, plasma, or almost any other type of biological sample.
Olink Explore is a highly sensitive platform and it covers a broad dynamic range that
spans over 10 logs (from fg/mL to mg/mL).

Olink Explore 3072 is a high throughput platform that gives the possibility to measure up to 384 samples simultaneously. Olink Explore 3072 gives the possibility to conduct the proteomic analysis by running all eight available Explore panels simultaneously or to select from the following subpanels for specific disease areas:

Those subpanels cover all of the major biological pathways and disease indications. This comprehensive resource includes exploratory proteins, known drug targets, diagnostic biomarkers, and disease-related proteins, offering a solid foundation for targeted and exploratory research.

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Olink Explore HT

Olink Explore HT is the next-generation solution for high throughput protein biomarker discovery. The platform measures more than 5400 proteins with a minimum volume of 2 µL per sample while covering an impressive 84% of all major biological pathways.
With an increased specificity and scalability Olink Explore HT is designed to perform at any scale and run thousands of samples in a cost-effective way with a streamlined and automated workflow.

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In this way Olink provides us with flexibility and scalability by using Olink Explore 3072 and  with a much broader spectrum of proteins that can be identified and measured by Olink Explore HT.With an increased specificity and scalability Olink Explore HT is designed to perform at any scale and run thousands of samples in a cost-effective way with a streamlined and automated workflow.

Revealing novel biological insights of human disease. 

Olink Explore platforms are in the center of scientific breakthroughs and biomarker discovery. A testament to the transformative impact of Olink Explore in the field of biomedical research is its significant contribution to the UK Biobank study. The UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project (UKB-PPP) represents a milestone in proteomics research, showcasing the potential of Olink Explore in uncovering the intricate relationship of proteins and genetics. In a large-scale collaborative effort, 13 biopharmaceutical companies utilized the Olink Explore platform to analyze up to 3,000 proteins across all major biological pathways in over 54,000 participant samples from the UK Biobank. This comprehensive study, detailed in a pivotal Nature article, not only underscores the platform’s high-throughput capability but also its crucial role in advancing our understanding of proteome-genome interactions.

Olink’s protein biomarker solutions are applicable to almost any type of research into human biology, which is reflected in an extraordinarily broad range of application areas covered by the published literature. Scientists have applied Olink to everything from in vitro experiments in basic biological research, through a wide variety of clinical studies using patient samples, as well as in drug development-related applications in association with clinical trials. All major disease areas have been investigated using Olink panels, with particularly robust application to cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, and inflammatory/immunological diseases, oncology/immunotherapy, and in the past few years, COVID-19 research.

So far, Olink PEA technology has been used in more than 1800 publications.

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Olink services by Protavio. 

At Protavio, our mission of proteomics for better health-drives our commitment to advancing the frontiers of protein research. Understanding the critical role of proteomics in unraveling the complexities of health and disease, we continuously seek to be at the forefront of technological advancement. It is with this vision that we have recognized the innovation and potential of the Olink Explore platform, a decision that significantly enhances our capabilities in novel protein biomarker discovery. Leveraging our deep proteomics expertise in the Luminex platform and our deep understanding of diagnostic product development, our alignment with Olink Explore allows us to offer a broad spectrum of services tailored to the diverse needs of the scientific community. From biomarker discovery to the development and manufacturing of diagnostic assays, our partnerships enable us to provide comprehensive solutions that drive forward the pursuit of better health through proteomics.
Protavio is a certified service provider for Olink Explore. Our services emphasize our dedication to excellence and support for researchers by providing essential tools and insights to advance proteomics and biomarker discovery.

So far, Olink PEA technology has been used in more than 1800 publications.

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 Why Protavio?

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20+ years of multiplex proteomics experience

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GMP, ISO:9001, ISO:13485 compliant processes

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Advanced bioinformatic analysis for proteomics

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Orthogonal biomarker validation with multiple platforms

The Team

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Leonidas Alexopoulos

PhD, Acting CEO, Professor, National Technical University of Athens

Leonidas is one of the pioneers of multiplex assays & systems biology with more than 20 years of experience in the field of proteomics. He has studied at Duke, MIT and Harvard and is currently a professor at National Technical University of Athens. Leonidas co-founded Protavio in 2011 with the ultimate goal of improving people’s health through innovation in proteomics.

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Sophia Stamatatou

Co-founder, COO & Quality Director, MSc, MBA

Sophia holds an MSc in Robotics & Automation and an MBA from National Technical University of Athens. Her passion for engineering and entrepreneurship led her to co-found Protavio in 2011. Since 2018, she has held the position of Chief Operating Officer and Quality Director. Her decade long experience of business development and administration make her a key decision maker in Protavio.

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Nikos Tsolakos

Chief Scientific Officer, Phd

Nikos holds a PhD from Imperial College London and has over 15 years of work experience in academic and industrial research positions in the field of proteomics. Nikos joined Protavio in 2017 as a Quality Assurance & Project Manager. Since 2023, he holds the position of Chief Scientific Officer to advance Protavio’s proteomic solutions.

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Christos Fotis

Chief Innovation Officer, Phd

Christos holds a PhD in AI & Bioinformatics from National Technical University of Athens and has extensive experience in creating and managing R&D projects and consortia. Christos joined Protavio in 2021 as a Research & Innovation manager. Since 2023, he holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer to drive new innovative projects using proteomics.

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