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Analyze the proteins that matter with a bespoke assay development service tailored to your needs

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How will C-Plex service advance your protein analysis?


Do you want to validate your research findings but cannot find an assay that measures just the proteins you need? Are you not satisfied with the quality of existing ready-made assays? Do you work with difficult proteins that no assay exists?


C-plex delivers an assay that fits your unique requirements for protein analysis and adheres to stringent international quality criteria.

What is C-Plex assay development

C-Plex is a fully customizable assay development service that leverages the power of Luminex(™) technology to develop a protein assay that can measure the proteins that matter to you in the samples of interest.

The C-Plex service follows a rigorous development process compliant with the criteria set by the ISO13485 and the regulations for the development of in-vitro diagnostic assays. The development process involves the use of high-quality raw materials, standard operating procedures and verification of analytical performance characteristics.

Select the type of assay (immunoassay, serology etc), protein targets and sample type and we take care of the rest. In a few weeks we prepare a reagent kit that you can choose to use directly in your lab or with our mid-plex protein analysis service.

The C-plex Solutions


Best choice if:


Best choice if:

Antibody/Antigen Selection & Procurement
One antibody pair per protein target from our validated collection or your preferred supplier
Up to 10 antibodies from our trusted suppliers or 10 clones from your developed antibodies
Feasibility Study
We test if the assay can work in your sample type (samples required)
Testing of up to 100 antibody pairs for detection of recombinant and natural antigen in samples of interest 
Analytical Performance assessment
We test how well the assay performs
Specificity (multiplexability)
Limit of Detection
Assay range
Specificity (multiplexability)
Limit of Detection
Assay range
Selectivity (Matrix effects)
Relative accuracy
Custom production
We provide reagents for your validation or sample analysis needs
2 x 96 tests
2 x 96 tests
Sample Analysis /Validation (optional)
We can analyze your samples in our state-of-the art facilities and validate the assay’s performance
We can analyze your samples in our state-of-the art facilities and validate the assay’s performance
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Why invest in our C-Plex service?

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Cost effectiveness in focused panels:

Analyze only the proteins that matter, saving time and resources.

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Customize the analysis based on your needs & resources. Choose the type of assay, platform, protein targets and sample type.

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Rely on a streamlined process that adheres to international quality criteria and guidelines.

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Drug Development and Validation:

Validate if your proteins of interest are affected by drugs, perturbations, and compounds of interest.

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How we work


Set Assay Design Requirements

We discuss the best design solution for your needs to ensure best quality at the best price.


Send control samples

We test the suitability & performance of the assay in control samples you send us. If samples are not available, we can use samples from our biospecimen collection.

(for customers requiring C-Plex ADVANCED solutions and/or sample analysis in our facilities)


Receive C-Plex Deliverables

✓ Assay Development Report
✓ Reagents for 2 x 96 tests (with Instructions for Use & Certificate of Analysis)
✓ Sample testing data
✓ Bioinformatics report (optional)


Technical Support

We will support you to set up the assay in your lab or analyze your data using our bioinformatics service.

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 Why Protavio?

Group 50

20+ years of multiplex proteomics experience

Group 51

GMP, ISO:9001, ISO:13485 compliant processes

Group 52

Advanced bioinformatic analysis for proteomics

Group 53

Orthogonal biomarker validation with multiple platforms

The Team

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Leonidas Alexopoulos

PhD, Acting CEO, Professor, National Technical University of Athens

Leonidas is one of the pioneers of multiplex assays & systems biology with more than 20 years of experience in the field of proteomics. He has studied at Duke, MIT and Harvard and is currently a professor at National Technical University of Athens. Leonidas co-founded Protavio in 2011 with the ultimate goal of improving people’s health through innovation in proteomics.

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Sophia Stamatatou

Co-founder, COO & Quality Director, MSc, MBA

Sophia holds an MSc in Robotics & Automation and an MBA from National Technical University of Athens. Her passion for engineering and entrepreneurship led her to co-found Protavio in 2011. Since 2018, she has held the position of Chief Operating Officer and Quality Director. Her decade long experience of business development and administration make her a key decision maker in Protavio.

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Nikos Tsolakos

Chief Scientific Officer, Phd

Nikos holds a PhD from Imperial College London and has over 15 years of work experience in academic and industrial research positions in the field of proteomics. Nikos joined Protavio in 2017 as a Quality Assurance & Project Manager. Since 2023, he holds the position of Chief Scientific Officer to advance Protavio’s proteomic solutions.

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Christos Fotis

Chief Innovation Officer, Phd

Christos holds a PhD in AI & Bioinformatics from National Technical University of Athens and has extensive experience in creating and managing R&D projects and consortia. Christos joined Protavio in 2021 as a Research & Innovation manager. Since 2023, he holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer to drive new innovative projects using proteomics.

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