Protavio announces the addition of the Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX DR-SE System

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We’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Protavio family of xMAP instruments: the Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX DR-SE System. With this acquisition, our state of the art proteomics facility is now equipped with the full suite of Luminex instruments.

The INTELLIFLEX DR-SE System introduces a significant advancement, enabling the simultaneous acquisition of data for two parameters per analyte. Specifically for serology applications, the new dual reporter system facilitates the simultaneous detection of IgG and IgM antibodies, enabling the development of novel multiplex assays for ADAs, immunogenicity assessment, etc. With a multiplexing capacity of up to 500 analytes per well, this new system significantly enhances our capabilities for custom assay development as well as biomarker profiling.

In line with our commitment to proteomics for better health, we’re excited to leverage the INTELLIFLEX instrument for the development of custom multiplex assays with increased clinical impact. Stay tuned for further developments as we explore the potential of the INTELLIFLEX system. 

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