Protavio at the 1st Greek Forum on Cancer

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Last week, the 1st Greek Forum on Cancer, organized by the Hellenic Cancer Federation | ELLOK, provided a holistic view of our battle with cancer discussing vital topics such as policy, research, and funding strategies. The forum highlighted how screening programs are crucial in reducing the cancer burden in our society by detecting cancer early when it is most treatable, providing a significant benefit at a minimal cost. Our Colon Cancer Screening project, DIOPTRA is an EU-funded initiative that aims to revolutionize screening.

DIOPTRA is a Horizon Europe project for the mission on cancer that aims to revolutionize CRC screening through the development of novel methods and tools for risk assessment and early detection (GA#101096649). At the heart of the DIOPTRA project is Protavio’s commitment to leverage our expertise in protein-based biomarkers. Our goal is bold yet straightforward: to discover and develop an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) protein biomarker panel that serves as a reliable CRC screening tool, capable of identifying the disease at its early stage.

The DIOPTRA project stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in CRC screening. By harnessing the potential of protein biomarkers, we’re not just developing a tool for early detection; we’re working towards a future where CRC can be identified early, treatment can begin sooner, and lives can be saved.

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